Simple developer SDK. Cross-platform support. High performance data-mining.

Real-time Player Engagement. Advanced Segmentation.

Reduce Player Churn

Understand why players are leaving your game. Personalizing your game creates responsive player experiences and helps improve player retention.

Maximize Player LTV

Increase levels of engagement in-game by up to 50%. Player Relationship Management helps you maximize key KPIs such as LTV, ARPPU and Social Virality.

Optimize Acquisition ROI

Maximize your marketing budget by understanding which channels deliver the most engaged players to ensure CPI rates are affordable and deliver optimum value.

Switch On & Off

Data requirements change with development milestones, marketing campaigns & number of players. deltaDNA is fully flexible to scale with your game.

Performance Dashboards

Get an instant view of what’s happening with your players with our high performance game metrics dashboards.

Analytics Tools

Go deeper into the data to unlock actionable insights. Our self-service data toolkit includes advanced tools such as Slice & Dice, Funnel Analysis and Data Mining.

Real-time Targeting

Send in-game messages or optimize game parameters in real-time based on player behaviors & playing styles.

3D Segmentation

Our 3D visualization tools mean you can quickly identify player clusters in your game.

Acquisition Optimization

Connecting acquisition spend to player LTV ensures you can manage your acquisition budgets effectively.

A/B Testing

Test and learn. Immediately verify the impact of changes made in-game or messages sent.

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