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Create value. Build engagement. Change the game.

Reduce Player Churn

Understand why players are leaving your game. And do something about it. Create responsive player experiences that improve player retention.

Maximize Player LTV

Lift key KPIs such as LTV, ARPPU and Social Virality by improving player engagement through targeted in-game offers and ad consumption.

Make LTV > CPI

Maximize marketing spend by understanding which channels acquire the most engaged players. Ensure CPI rates deliver optimum value.

On Demand

Data needs change with your dev milestones, MAU & marketing campaigns.  Get flexible access to rapid data-mining and the richest analytics when you need it.

Dedicated game personalization and player insight platform

Harness the power of your data

10 reasons why players leave

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“We have recently transformed our understanding of player behaviors by using the deltaDNA platform. The ability to analyze player behaviors in a powerful environment right down to event level has really unlocked engagement on our F2P titles. Our analysts now have the ability to respond quickly and give strong direction to the development team taking the guesswork out of game management.”

Joel Breton, SVP Game Development, 505 Games

“deltaDNA have a unique approach to Player Relationship Management.
The ability to analyze data right down to event level allows us to interact with our players in a segmented way improving engagement in early game play.”
Hakon Stein, Founding Partner, RetoMoto

Simple developer SDK. Cross-platform support. High performance data-mining.

Real-time Player Engagement. Advanced Segmentation.

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