Discover the real value in player data

The deltaDNA platform puts the power of data in your hands with fully flexible Player Relationship Management (PRM) technology to maximize player engagement for Free-2-Play Games, Social Casino and Real Money Gambling.

Our end-to-end solution enables you to go deeper into the data and unlock key player insights. Go beyond dashboards to better understand different player behaviors in-game and create personalized experiences by targeting individual players in real time.

Not all players are the same.  Being responsive to playing styles, retention blockers and monetization triggers will ensure your game maximizes its potential.  deltaDNA is proven to improve player engagement by at least 50% and revenues by 30%. You can also use our technology to help maximize your investments in acquisition campaigns.

What is it?

  • Cross-platform capability
  • Access rich event data in high performance database tools to go beyond dashboards
  • Identify actionable insights using powerful data mining, A/B testing and 3D segmentation tools
  • Create personalized experiences in real time – with in-game balancing and messaging
  • Optimize channel performance and user acquisition
  • FREE performance dashboards and analytics tools
  • Upgrade to advanced analytics and real-time personalization tools
  • Flexible monthly licensing that scales with your game and PRM needs
  • Multi-user profiles and games accounts
  • Simple SDK and dedicated user support to ensure easy implementation

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