Discover the real value in player data

The deltaDNA team has over four years’ experience of understanding how to use big data to make better games and drive profitability. We have worked across mobile, PC, web and console covering all F2P genres.

deltaDNA’s managed service solutions help publishers and developers understand F2P Game performance against industry benchmarks as well as access dedicated resources and know-how of our expert team work alongside in-house teams to get up and running with deltaDNA’s platform.

Submit your game for a Healthcheck and let our Analytics and Game Design teams assess your game to determine how it is performing. We’ll provide you with a snap-shot report on what it does well and what needs improved.

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The Benchmark assessment is a valuable tool to ensure your game creates an engaging experience for the player, maximising retention and revenues. It is designed to provide support for games still in the alpha or beta phase of development, tracking performance against industry benchmark scores.

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For more information about how deltaDNA can support your game, contact us to speak to a member of our team.